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Speed Business Meeting ONLINE


L'événement est terminé.

ChamCham – informal association of mixed chambers of commerce

Chamber of Chambers would like to invite you to second online Speed Business Meeting.

This type of meeting offers participants a unique space to present their companies, products and services during 10-minutes online one-to-one meetings and to discuss potential collaboration.

Ground rules:


  • Members of all organising chambers have the opportunity to meet during this online event.
  • For entering an „ONLINE SPEED BUSINESS MEETING“ participants have to use a company email address.
  • Participants will be paired into meeting rooms randomly by computer.
  • During meetings, each participant has 3 minutes to present their company, services or products. In the remaining 4 minutes, both participants can discuss possible collaboration.
  • After 10 minutes the computer will randomly pair another 2 participants.
  • Every short meeting creates a unique opportunity to expand your network of contacts, potential clients or suppliers.


Speed_Business_Meeting_Online_EN.pdf (PDF • 640 Ko)

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