Year 2020 outlook - What can it mean for your business?

Our member Mazars invites you to business breakfast.

Beginning of the new decade naturally brings questions. We bring you discussion and answers by a tasty cup of coffee with sweet croissant. Together with Mazars Slovakia chief economist Vladimír Vaňo we shall think of what impact might the current social-economic events have on your business as well.

These questions will also boost the discussion:

  • Can recession hit Slovakia and Eurozone this year?
  • Will the revision of the ECB‘s monetary strategy threaten record-low euro interest rates?
  • How and why do the developments in the services and industry sectors within Eurozone differ?
  • Until when shall labor market records continue?
  • What to do next after years of record-high investment gains on equities and bonds?
  • Outlook and risks for the development of industrial metals and implications for inflation.
  • Differences and similarities of the coronavirus and SARS epidemics and their consequences for the world economy and financial markets.

These and more are waiting for you at the Mazars business breakfast.

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