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Healthy Future Conference

We are happy to have been partner of AmCham´s Healthy Future Conference which brought together experts, analysts, innovators and key stakeholders to discuss specific steps how to improve Slovakia's healthcare system.

The major issues are well known: lack of financial as well as human resources, as well as the growing administrative burden which costs healthcare workers valuable time and energy.

The conference discussions highlighted the importance of a vision and continuity needed to guide the development of the Slovak healthcare system beyond political cycles. Furthermore, concrete measures on how to inject more funds into the system were presented, as examples from other countries have demonstrated that increased funding, when used effectively, results in higher-quality and widely accessible healthcare.

The main goal remains clear as well - to finally make healthcare a true policy priority and implement solutions which will bring Slovak healthcare up to EU standards.

A huge thank you to all the participants and our partners who made this conference possible: MedtronicMSDRocheAbbVieDÔVERA zdravotná poisťovňa, a. s.The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & JohnsonNovartis, SEDMA (Slovenská asociácia výrobcov a dodávateľov diagnostiky „in vitro“), Takeda as well as organizations which helped us prepare the program Asociácia na ochranu práv pacientov SR, Asociácia inovatívneho farmaceutického priemyslu, Advance Healthcare Management InstituteINESS - Institute of Economic and Social StudiesAHK Slowakei (German-Slovak Chamber of Commerce)SK+MED - Slovenská asociácia dodávateľov zdravotníckych pomôcok

Let's not just hope that a better healthcare becomes reality after the upcoming elections, but remain dedicated and continue to put our efforts into helping this vision come true!

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