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Behavioural Agility and Leadership in Interim Management

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This workshop brings the latest knowledge on behavioural agility, based on more than 30 years of research by Robert Weisz, professor of Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Development at the University of Aix-Marseille, France.


Learn how to communicate better and be agile in stressful situations, when you are in "survival mode", which often occurs when managing crisis, turnaround and restructuring missions.


Gain an understanding of:

  • ways of embracing difficult interpersonal communication,
  • psychology of stress,
  • using emotional intelligence,
  • the basics of "survival" and "growth" mode, how to recognise and effectively manage both.


The agility of a company (corporate or organisational) depends on the agility of its people and the quality of their relationships.


The core of behavioural agility is the capacity to be in growth. In growth, we can manage difficult situations of communication and help people to get out of their state of stress by using our emotional intelligence. We are then able to:

  • adapt to our interlocutors' expectations,
  • nurture their psychological needs,
  • adopt the most appropriate communication style to carry out a task,
  • fulfil/complete a function or a social role.

The concept of Relational Growth is formed at the crossroads of 3 approaches of our psychological mechanisms and our ways of interacting with others:

  1. Management of difficult interpersonal communication,
  2. Emotional intelligence,
  3. Psychology of stress.

Cancellation of confirmed participation is not possible after 21.November, 2019. Despite your absence, you will be billed for the full amount.


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