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Webinar : Corona-virus: A new type of a truly global crisis - Implications for Central and Eastern Europe

Langue : English

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In cooperation with the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia we invite you to the webinar


The corona-virus crisis is distinctively different to previous global recessions in the 21st century. It is neither man-made, nor triggered by malfunctioning institutions. It is rather a function of the way we live and work in a globalized economy.

Therefore, uncertainty about the future social and economic outlook is so large. Numerous scenarios look equally plausible at this stage. Irrespective of its scale and duration, however, it seems that the virus could lead to permanent changes in consumer and corporate behavior. In a way the corona-virus may launch a period of ‘creative destruction’ with existing structures being replaced by something new very quickly.

The current crisis is doubtless a major challenge for Central and Eastern Europe. Yet, the new normality will not only create risks, but also opportunities…




Chief Economist Central and Eastern Europe
BNP Paribas

Program of the webinar:

9.30-9.45: Introduction

9.30-10.20: Presentation

10.20-10.30: Q&A session


The participation is free of charge but
the registration before the webinar is compulsory.

The link and information needed to join the webinar
will be sent to participants on 25th of June, 2020.

With our best regards from

Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw



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